Air Conditioner Installation

Installation Is The Key & So Are We!

For the best results, view a new air conditioner as an investment, not just a purchase. Professional installers ensure optimal results from your new AC. Get your AC system installed right the first time with JonAire Inc’s skilled technicians.  Say goodbye to unexpected AC headaches and ensure your system works flawlessly with professional air conditioner installation.

2 Air conditioner units
HVAC Technician looking at the insides of a Furnace

Let JonAire Inc’s professionals handle your Air Conditioning installation for a worry-free experience. Here is what you can expect:

Comfortable Operation: Certified installers expertly install your air conditioner for optimal performance, leaving your whole family comfortable.
Dependable Operation: Choose Jonaire Inc’s experts for a proper air conditioner installation. They’ll ensure your system functions as intended, keeping you comfortable all season.

Attention to Detail: Expert installation guarantees a flawless process. Enjoy reliable comfort from your new air conditioner, knowing it’s installed perfectly.

One of the most common questions we hear is, “What happens on installation day for my new air conditioner?” Here’s a quick overview to help you prepare.

HVAC Technician looking at the insides of a Furnace

How the installation process is done:


Upon arrival, the installers will verify the correct placement, stabilization, and clearance of your new AC. Next, the installers will install the piping and wiring for your new system.


After completing the setup, the technician will check that the air conditioner is producing cold air, look for duct leaks, measure airflow, and make any necessary modifications.


Throughout the process, your technician will gladly explain the steps involved in installing your system and ensuring it works correctly. Your technician will teach you how to get the most out of your new air conditioner and advise you on ideal maintenance practices.

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